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Interesting Accepted Titles in AAAI'17

December 10, 2016

AAAI 2017 conference accepted around 788 papers. The titles of the accepted papers were published in a 59 pages PDF document. Some of the papers are already made online by the authors (many on while others are still not available.

I went through the 59 pages looking for some interesting titles (so you won’t) and found 51 papers. So if we share the same areas of interest you’d find this list very valuable (… You are welcome!!! :)

Paper ID Paper Title
25 Unsupervised Learning for Lexicon-Based Classification
218 Detection and Recognition of Text Embedded in Online Images via Neural Context Models
256 Learning Context-Specific Word/Character Embeddings
272 Collaborative User Clustering for Short Text Streams
319 Incorporating Domain Knowledge into Keyphrase Extraction
334 Incorporating Knowledge Graph Embeddings into Topic Modeling
399 Neural Bag-of-Ngrams
570 Recurrent Attentional Topic Model
602 Text Boxes: A fast text detector with a single deep neural network
629 Combining Satellite Imagery and Open Data to Map Road Safety
649 Bayesian Skip-Gram
734 Distributed Negative Sampling for Word Embeddings
837 DeepFix: Fixing Common Programming Errors by Deep Learning
872 Semantic Parsing with Neural Hybrid Trees
873 Efficient Dependency-Guided Named Entity Recognition
887 Salience Estimation via Variational Auto-Encoders for Multi-Document Summarization
933 CLARE: A Joint Approach to Label Classification and Tag Recommendation
1020 Unit Dependency Graph and its Application to Arithmetic Word Problem Solving
1051 Transfer Learning for Deep Learning on Graph-Structured Data
1063 Don’t Forget the Quantifiable Relationship between Words Using Recurrent Neural Network for Short Text Topic Discovery
1074 Efficiently Answering Technical Questions — A Knowledge Graph Approach
1170 Radon – Rapid Discovery of Topological Relations
1313 Improving Multi-Document Summarization via Text Classification
1319 Joint Copying and Restricted Generation for Paraphrase
1361 Discriminative Semi-Supervised Dictionary Learning with Entropy Regularization for Pattern Classification
1454 Leveraging Video Descriptions to Learn Video Question Answering
1465 Definition Modeling: Learning to define word embeddings in natural language
1471 Adverse Drug Reaction Prediction with Symbolic Latent Dirichlet Allocation
1601 Distant Supervision for Relation Extraction with Sentence-level Attention and Entity Descriptions
1618 Bootstrapping Distantly Supervised IE using Joint Learning and Small Well-structured Corpora
1652 Word Embedding based Correlation Model for Question/Answer Matching
1670 Robsut Wrod Reocginiton via semi-Character Recurrent Neural Network
1710 Distinguish polarity in bag-of-words model visualization with regularized concentration
1859 Multitask Dyadic Prediction and Its Application in Prediction of Adverse Drug-Drug Interaction
1933 Randomized Flipping Search for Word Deletion with Constraints
1934 Efficient Mining High Quality Phrases from Texts
1958 The Unusual Suspects: Deep Learning Based Mining of Interesting Entity Trivia from Knowledge Graphs
2387 A Theoretical Analysis of First Heuristics of Crowdsourced Entity Resolution
2764 ConceptNet 5.5: An Open Multilingual Graph of General Knowledge
2875 Disambiguating Spatial Prepositions Using Deep Convolutional Networks
3373 Efficient clinical concept extraction in electronic medical records
3396 ATSUM: Extracting Attractive Summaries for News Propagation on Microblogs
3436 Machine Learning for Entity Coreference Resolution
3446 A Position-‐Biased PageRank Algorithm for Keyphrase Extraction
3454 Semantic Connection based Topic Evolution
3465 Semantic Representation using Explicit Concept Space Models
3478 Keyphrase Extraction with Sequential Pattern Mining
3482 Semantic Inference of Bird Songs Using Dynamic Bayesian Networks
3517 Predicting Demographics of High-‐Resolution Geographies with Geotagged Tweets
3538 Natural Language Person Retrieval
3551 A Deep Learning Approach for Arabic Caption Generation using Roots-‐Words


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